Your link to sensor-based sorting technologies for optimal resource productivity.

TOMRA Sorting creates sensor-based technologies for sorting, peeling and process analytics. It unites four strong brands under one roof: TITECH for recycling, CommodasUltrasort for mining along with ODENBERG and BEST for food.

This powerful alliance makes TOMRA Sorting a leading provider of sensor-based sorting solutions worldwide.

There are many benefits and synergies provided by this alliance including 15 test centers worldwide, access to a vast array of technologies along with a large R&D department and an enhanced service offering with a shared service network ensuring we get even closer to you – our customer.

TOMRA Sorting is wholly owned by TOMRA Systems

TOMRA Sorting is one of two strong business areas of TOMRA Systems. The other business area is TOMRA Collections (reverse vending, material handling and compaction). TOMRA continues to innovate and provide sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity within these two main business areas.

TOMRA was founded in 1972 with an innovation that began with design, manufacturing and the sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers.

The TOMRA group has 2,200 employees and is active in more than 50 markets worldwide. TOMRA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exhange and had total revenues of around €550 m in 2012.

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